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How long does it take to receive the files?

The time is within 48 hours of receiving the order.

But we always try to send the files the same day we receive the order.

But since we live in different places, we have different time, so you may receive it the next day.

On weekends sometimes we don't have the computer with us to prepare them.

But we always try to send them as quickly as possible.

You also have it at your disposal to add the "rush order" to your cart. If this is not enabled it is because for some reason we cannot do it with that time.

Where do I add the information for my custom file?

1) You can add it in the notes section at the moment you place the order.

2) You can send them to beapartyideas@gmail.com.

Don't forget to add your order number to identify your order.

Where do I receive the files?

We will send them to the email address added in your order.

Please always check your spam folder.

If you can’t find the email please write us to beapartyideas@gmail.com

Are the files editable?

No, the files are not editable.

We send you the files in PDF format ready to print, and the invitations in JPG format ready to share (you can also ask the invitation in PDF format in case you want to print them)

How do I print the files?

Download the files to your computer or USB flash drive.

Print with your home printer, upload the files to an online printing vendor or take into a printing vendor to have printed for you.

What paper do you recommend for printing?

The type of the paper will depend on the file you are going to print.

For products that need more stability such as cake toppers, banners, boxes, wrappers, toppers, popcorn boxes, thicker paper is recommended, between 60 and 100lb.

If you are going to print labels for Candy or bottles, such thick paper is not necessary. Even thinner paper will make it easier to put the labels around the candy. A 30lb paper or similar is recommended.

In some cases, such as the Juice pounch, it is better to use sticker paper.

Do you have video tutorials on how to use the digital files?

Yes, you can see them on our YouTube cannel:



What format are the files sent in?

All files are sent in PDF format, except for invitations that are sent in JPG format, ready to share by text, whatsApp, email, etc.

The files are in letter size paper, the size used in home printers.

If you are also going to print the invitations, we prepare a PDF file where there are 3 invitations per letter size paper.


What size sheet is used in the files?

The files are in letter size paper, the size used in home printers.

The “Welcome Poster” and the “Pin the …” game are sent in A3 paper size so you will have to print it at a printing shop.

Can I make changes to the invitation?

Yes, we know that unforeseen events can always arise and you may have to modify the date, time or location of the event.

We make those changes at NO extra charge.

Can I cancel my order?

Refunds are only accepted if the customized files have not yet been sent.

Once personalized files have been sent no refunds are accepted.

If the listing includes general files, which can be downloaded automatically once payment is confirmed, refunds will not be accepted, since the files are already available for you to use.

If you have any doubt about our items, please, contact us before ordering.

We are here to help you.